What crosses your mind when you hear the word "Timeshare"? Timeshare is defined as a vacation property or resort accommodation that is shared or widely joined by a large group of business owners. The property could be leased to multiple owners at a time.

Each co-owner could co-lease the timeshare property at any given time. Most of the timeshare owners are permitted to use those properties within a specific time period within each given year. A timeshare is also known as a vacation ownership or sometimes a vacation membership where most of members have a shared ownership or property shares of a vacation real estate.

One of the best examples for a holiday vacation and relaxation is an all around timeshare concept called the Bluegreen Fountain Resort. Situated in Orlando, Florida, it is near the Orlando International Airport or the MCO within only about a 16 mile drive from the airport to the resort. It is situated on 54 acres facing the natural Lake Eve. Here the resort is like heaven for those coming for vacation and relaxation with all the basic needs taken care of as it is provided and taken care of by the Bluegreen Fountain Resort. With the idea behind this concept of home comfort, the Bluegreen Fountain Resort provides 2 bedroom condos for holiday goers with the state of the art facilities and luxury catering to all of your vacation needs. It is a popular international drive as a world class resort with easy access to and a central location.

Once you arrive at the entrance of the resort, you are instantly greeted and walked to a 90 minute sales presentation and an introduction to the resort and its facilities by the Bluegreen Vacation Club. During the presentation, you'll discover the resort as a whole and the basic amenities and services offered to all those who come into the resort. It is part of their service towards that perfect customer coming to the resort, ensuring that visitors would get only the vacation of a lifetime while staying at the resort.

This resort provides the best and state of the art facilities to its visitors. Situated facing the beautiful lake Eve, the resort provides water activities of all types such as fishing, paddle boating for those who are adventurous and enjoy water activities. Besides that there is also a boardwalk and a pier for you to relax and sightseeing or simply enjoy the view and serenity of the beautiful lake Eve. For those who are into swimming, this resort has a 6 000 square foot indoor and outdoor swimming pool, catering to all sorts of visitors, from kids to adults. Next to the swimming pool there are two hot tubs, a convenient pool bar, a volleyball court and a playground. Everything has been taken care of by the resort to ensure that visitors coming here can enjoy their holiday experience and vacation without fuss and with peace of mind.

Of course for those who are not into water sports or playing games and more into relaxation and would like to sit back and relax while at the resort, there is a 20 000 square foot clubhouse that comes with a gift shop. With the introduction of H20, a new state of the art restaurant and lounge, it now offers a wide variety of wine by glass or bottle for you wine lovers coming to the resort. If you are one of those wanting a casual refined dinner for two or the whole family, H20 will find you right place and setting for all. The water theme bar provides once in a life time experience for those trying it out for the first time. The bubble bar is a part of the attraction at the restaurant, enjoy your glass of champagne or martini while sitting down at this gorgeously backlit bubble, which is sure to mesmerize and put you in a relaxation mode, with side effects of excitement and enjoyment.

Kids and teenagers are also pampered with so much fun at the provided facilities that are meant to keep even the most curious child busy for hours and hours. Those with kids and teenagers will be happy with the amenities for their kids provided by the resort such as video games, air hockey and billiard tables. At the resort, everyone has a chance to be treated equally and lavishly with all the basic facilities and amenities for customers and visitors are a number one priority of the resort to ensure their stay at the resort is as pleasant, enjoying and as memorable as possible.

The resort itself is a showcase of class and luxury of its own while providing the best hotels and accommodation for visitors coming to the resort. If you're looking for a homely atmosphere away from home that feels good for the whole family then the Bluegreen Fountain Timeshare Resort provides the best for its customers. The resort has lodging and rooms with two bedrooms on the concept of close to home comfort fitted with screened balcony overlooking the lake and part of the resort. The room or house comes with a fully equipped functioning kitchen for those who love preparing their own food and setting up meals close to home. The house itself has a garden tub and stereo system, courtesy of the resorts providing the best facilities for their customers, in this case for those who want to dip in a tub while listening to their favourite songs at the same time. The room itself comes with cable TV and DVD players with basic washing machine and dryer for the whole family and of course wheelchair facilities are also provided at the resort. The room also has a huge whirlpool bath for the whole family get together.

Besides all the facilities mentioned above, the resort also provides all sorts of amenities, services and accommodations for all visitors coming here. The Bluegreen Fountain Timeshare Resort also has BBQ grills, a fitness room, internet access, sauna/steam room, movie rentals and entertainment for those who want to feel closer and comfortable to home with all the best facilities around them. And who are into sports, this resort has provided many sport facilities catering to sport enthusiasts on holiday with golf, biking, water skiing and tennis. And if you just want to have a nice and simple relaxing holiday then you should try out the lazy river or go shopping around in the surrounding resorts. Those who are into nature and history could head out to the museum or the natural trails for a hiking adventure. The resort has almost everything to all of their visitors needs from restaurants, theme parks, entertainment and shopping areas with 24 hour medical facilities and even an emergency room. With such accommodation and amenities from Bluegreen Fountain Timeshare Resort, it is an opportunity that cannot be missed by families and that are up for an adventure and exciting trips in a luxurious and relaxing vacation such as the Bluegreen Fountain Timeshare Resort. Do not miss out on the excitement and an opportunity of a lifetime.

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