If you are looking for a property for sale in Sosua or is planning to invest in any Dominican Republic property, you should get to know what exactly the country has to offer to you. Dominican Republic is well-known for being the cheapest destination in Caribbean. However, this does not means that tourist there are going to few like they could get more from the Caribbean beaches. The country has some of the most beautiful beaches with more than 1.5 km of coast, hot weather the year around, colorful drinks, great hotels and golf fields. You will also be received by a warm and happy people that greet their visitors to the rocking of the meringue, bachata e reggaton. Dominican Republic is placed in two thirds of the Hispaniola Island, having the Haiti as its neighbor on the right. It was in its territory where Christopher Columbus arrived in America for the first time. Many people believe that his remains are buried in the El Faro a Colon, a light house located in the capital city, Santo Domingo. The city holds an interesting colonial area with stone streets and historical buildings that worth to be visited, since it was the first point where Spain established a colonial rule in America. But Santo Domingo has also a modern atmosphere and a vibrant night life, with many restaurants and bars that offer good food and drinks at a fair price. And, to make things even better, the blue water and the thin sand of the Caribbean beaches are really close, only 30 km from the center of the city, in Boca Chica, beach protected by a coral reef. However, is in the eastern point of the island, 217 km away from the capital, that almost everybody wants to go. Punta Cana is scenery of wonderful braches, pointed by palm trees that are agitated by strong winds and coral reefs that make the sea a calm pool, perfect to explore the marine live with a snorkel. Giant resorts - there are over 30 in the region - concentrate bars, restaurants, casinos and clubs, not counting the splendid golf fields, the most popular sport in the country In the northeast Dominican coast, you will find the Samana Peninsula and its practically untouched beaches. The biggest attraction of the place happens between December and April, with a humpback whale spectacle. During these months, the animals swim from the North Atlantic to there in order to give birth to their babies in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. To get to know more about having your own property for sale in Sosua or buying a Dominican Republic property, visit the website

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